Self-Warming Body Patches

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I travel a lot for work and sometimes find it hard and inconvenient to carry a heat pack with me - let alone find somewhere to heat it up on the go - the Lula warming body patches have been a LIFESAVER for endo flare ups while away from home!

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Lula Warming Body Patches

How Do They Work?

Lula Self-Warming Body Patches use air-activated iron particles to generate therapeutic heat. When you open the package, the patches begin to warm up and maintain a soothing temperature for up to 10 hours.

They are designed to be slim and discreet, adhering to your clothing over areas like the neck, back, stomach, or where you experience period cramps. Simply apply the patch to your clothes and enjoy the continuous, comforting warmth that helps alleviate pain and tension throughout your day.



Lula Body Patch

The most incredible products that I have found in a very long time. I used the Body Patch today, on my lower left side of my back (I have psoriatic arthritis) I put it on at 8am, and it still has heat! It gave me much needed relief and comfort today. I am so grateful to the girls, for these wonderful patches


Relief for sports injury

I had a pulled back muscle from playing football. I popped a body patch on under my shirt then went out to lunch and a concert. I had warming relief all day and nobody would have known!


Goodbye Wheat Bag

I suffer from neck and shoulder pain and used to use a wheat bag throughout the day for relief, which as a teacher was a pain to have to go and reheat it! Now I can put a Lula body patch on under my clothes and have relief all day while keeping up with the kids.


Stole my wife's stash

My wife has a stash of Lula Body Patches for her endometriosis. I had some lower back pain from work and tried one of them on. I couldn't believe it was still warm at the end of my work day. Perfect for tradies who are on their feet all day.


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Customer Reviews

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My teen had significant pain reduction and they lasted from morning until they took it off to head to bed for the night.


Amazing product! Works quickly and keeps heat all night.

Vicki M.
Self warming body patches

These patches have been absolutely fabulous in my recovery from a back injury the fact of having continuous warmth was very soothing .
I highly recommend this product

Janice F.

These pstches are awesome

Anna G.
Just wonderful 🤩

I have been using eye masks for a little while. They help with my dry eye condition, also use them when having headache. They are really good presents too.

I have bought self warming patches for the first time with my last order. They are just wonderful. I used couple of them during recent car trip to alleviate lower back pain. They did help and lasted over 10 hours . Thank you 🙏